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Who says that love can not be expressed with words, phrases Both Indonesian word love and with love poems in English is very important as a form of attention and romance for lovers. For the experts …  love, love tenderly good word phrase in a poem of love and affectionate words of others is an expression of mood is full of joy.

The expression of love words and phrases in the English language affectionate words in Indonesian can be a way of enticing romantic couple or a woman. Because the word love or love poems that expressed with feeling will be able to give the impression of great pleasure for a woman, even though sometimes I was impressed rag or seduction only love but if it is disclosed to be fervent and full of love will be a powerful weapon and how to conquer women

But remember, do not ever play with words – words of love, because love is not only soothing but can burn the heart if the word love is only a game of words and will turn into a fierce fire of love beyond the eruption of Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta and can even burn myself, wow .. awesome too huh?

Thursday Afternoon

“But you’re not supposed to know,” he said.
“Yeah,” I sighed,
“but I just want to know a little,
like when you get a new book and you read the last page.
You know what the last page is going to be like,
but you don’t know the whole story;
you only have a little idea.”
He followed me to the bathroom, where I
started flossing my teeth, and he kissed me.
I let the white floss fall in my hand.
It was a good kiss,
not those quick kisses of good-bye when he leaves for work,
or the sloppy kisses when you are both
too busy to care how your mouth feels.
It was the kind of kiss that makes you
remember why you started kissing him in the first place.
And all at once you are not so afraid to grow old.

Love Of My Life

Here i am looking into the future
planning on how to get the picture
of love so pure that makes me so sure,
oh sweet love,like dew from above
coming down to sooth my wounds
and like the lark heralds daylight
that i may carry you beyond all bounds
to my hearts utmost delight.
This love,so blind and still so right
takes me through the darkest of nights
that i may awaken to find myself
as glorious as an elf
in this true picture of love
that is a gift from above.

by Olusegun Olaitan Agunbiade

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