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What is a dream ?

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Everyone who has ever dreamed of, but many of us who do not remember the dream. Unfortunately, because most people do not even realize how dream interpretation can become important. Dreams are usually a symbol of our subconscious mind. Some psychologists believe that dreams have psychological meaning. Regardless of what that dream was, or why we dream, the dream could be interpreted. All have a certain meaning to those who dream, regardless of whether or not they realize that dream.
Unique facts about dreams and the human mystery is often vague, making it very clear that this dream can not be interpreted by the so-called “mainstream science”, and nightmares, especially depending on our personality. Some psychologists involved in the study and interpretation of dreams, but people mostly ignored.

You might think risky to contact a psychologist to interpret the meaning of the dream and who might find some other way, or you will try to interpret its own. For example, if you have noticed that in your dream does not look like yourself, but playing the role of different people? There may be a subconscious reason why you want to be somebody else. Perhaps the people of the dream you have the qualities that you want to have, or maybe there is something you fear and you try to by holding down the fear.

Unfortunately, if you do not acknowledge the reality of your fears, in your dream may be someone who is obsessed with fear. Dreams may be a message from your subconscious mind that it is time to face their fears in real life. If you are an adult and still dream that you are in school, this may mean that you do not want to lose today or you are afraid of aging, or you want to do certain things while still in school. However, you must face reality and realize that you can not change the past.

What is the meaning of your dream? If you always dream that you are in the water, it means that you are a prisoner of your emotions. Water is your emotions. If you always dream that you lost somewhere in the endless sea, this may mean that you feel fatigue in life. If in the dream that you continue to fight to stay on the surface, it is a very good sign because it means that you are constantly struggling to keep themselves in life. If the dream you suffocate, you must realize is ready to sink into depression.

In this case you should immediately take some action, for example, to undergo early activity and exercise to reduce stress and achieve inner peace. This will help control over your life. If you want to interpret your own subconscious mind, began to write down dreams Anda.Setiap morning, soon after you wake up, write down every detail you remember from the dream. Write details about your dreams and emotional condition before bed and immediately when you wake up. If you do this every day, after a while you will learn to interpret your dreams.

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