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Why is hard to realize our dreams ?

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At present, many of us remain silent to let what we aspire to remain a dream only without really trying to make it happen. So what causes we can not realize our dreams?

Do not we already wanted for a long time and even have planned a variety of ways and strategies to achieve them and have worked hard to pursue it?

Each person must have ideals and dreams in life such as: having a house and luxury cars, to be famous, visiting exotic places around the world, enjoying the incredible lifestyle, free time, financial, and could do whatever we want to do with family and people we love most in our lives. But the question: “Why are many of us can not realize our dreams?”
First: Always associate with the past. At the moment we have something meaningful to be realized, often times we can not escape from the shadow of the past. We remember the difficult living conditions, all the limitations, all of our previous failures and find all the reasons why we can not succeed, etc. …

Second: We should be entitled fear and anxiety. Before doing something we often have an excessive fear and anxiety. What if I do not succeed? What people say about me? They would laugh at me? I will add frustrated if I had tried and found not reach it, etc. …

Third: Allowing others to intimidate us. Often times we let others intimidate you with words that lowers morale and disrupt our focus even steal our dreams. You can not possibly succeed, do not dream, do ordinary aja, too large and difficult to achieve. It’s just accept fate, etc. …

Fourth: It can not be put through to completion. This most often happens in our lives. Start it with enthusiasm and spirit that mengebu-enthusiasm, but quickly gave up when facing obstacles, unable to suffer, and do not want to pay the price, so let it go.

Fifth: We have a lazy nature. One of our habits and old disease that is like putting off work and plan of action that have been defined. Assuming there’s still plenty of time to do so as often or never start too late when we realize.
If we are to successfully achieve all the ideals and our dreams, we must immediately destroy five mental barriers (mental block) we are on top and mengantikannya with 5 new habits that will be the starting point for changes that encourage us to immediately realize our dreams. Currently, too!

First: Focus on the future and your dreams. Think about what you really want, arrange a work plan, explore potential, and your strengths, discover the strategies, methods, and everything possible to make it happen.

Second: Are you sure and believe 100% that you can. Confidence is the main capital to get anything you want. Everything that is not possible in this life just has not often been tried.

Third: Just do it according to your wishes. Follow your heart, your ears tulikan of those negative and pessimistic around you. Remember: A great pleasure in life is doing what other people say you can not do it, so just do it! Make a record and a new history in your life.

Fourth: Finish what you start. Dare to pay the price and have the mental Champion. Remember: The winner never quit, and quitter never win! Do not ever turn your eyes for one moment from the finish line.

Fifth: Start now, right now. Do what you plan immediately, whatever. Remember: Action is Power! Actually, the success is not a great person but they are people who always take action and start early so often one step ahead of us.

This is the fifth new habits that can help us to immediately realize all our dreams. Hopefully helpful, happy to welcome the new year 2011, hopefully in 2011 was a breakthrough year for us all. Life is more successful, healthy, wealthy and happy!
Friend – a friend of all. ……. Let’s Do it.
Start from yourself, Starting from a small thing, and from now on as well.

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